No Project Too Small

Residential excavation can be a complex, intricate process and it’s important to do it right the first time. That’s why you need an experienced, licensed excavation company, like James A. Rogers Excavating, Inc. No project is too small and we are glad to work with you for all your residential excavating needs. By choosing the right company, your residential excavation project will be completed on time and on budget. Trust the experts at James A. Rogers Excavating, Inc. to help you achieve your goals and protect your property.

Typical residential excavation services

  • Additions and basements: Soil must be removed and shoring systems put in place. This takes the advice and capability of a quality excavation company.
  • Drainage improvement; Excess water on your property can erode your topsoil, damage your foundation and negatively affect the appearance of your home.
  • New home development; Excavation is required before you build a new home. It is vital for laying the foundation, installing plumbing systems and making sure the land is safe to build upon.
  • Site planning and groundwork; This might involve land grading, backfilling or demolition. Excavation in this area is vital for exploration, construction and environmental issues.
  • Swimming pools; Whether you are installing a swimming pool or having one removed, you will likely require excavation services. You will need to have the area filled in properly to ensure your property is safe.