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Our founder James A Rogers Sr:

"I grew up around the business, my daddy and his three brothers were in the construction/excavation business, so it was in my blood. Some of my first times around the job were on a Slide Bar D8 Dozer in an apple crate, I was still a little guy. I started this company when I was 19 and had to borrow $1500 to buy a bulldozer. I was young and needed money, my family was growing. My mentors had a strong work ethic and were honest and I have tried for over 55 years to live by those same traits."

Our Company Values

Integrity:   Always doing the right thing regardless if someone is watching or not.  Conducting yourself in a manner that is honest and of strong moral value. 

Ownership:  Taking responsibility for decisions made and their outcome or consequences.  Taking initiative.  All in, regardless of the task.  Own up to mistakes if you make them and be proud in your work accomplished.  Be proactive in your role in order to achieve the goals of the company.  

Adaptability:  Adjust to the everchanging conditions of daily activities.  Being flexible and adapting to different tasks is key to productivity when we have multiple projects going on.

Pride:  Enjoy what you do and make it look your best.  Our name is on the completed project, does it look new or factory.

Trustworthy:  Putting trust in someone to do the right thing.  A person that is reliable.  A refusal to be dishonest no matter the consequences.

Responsible:  Able to make good decisions. Accountable at all costs.  Being dependable and doing what you are required to do.

Professional:  Respect the image, maintain a positive attitude at all times, highest standards are upheld in all duties.  Making sure everything you do or present to the world is double checked, polished and tightened up for a "spirit of excellence" in all things that you do. 

Commitment:  Binding yourself to the core values of the company. Devoting all of yourself to a task and not giving up until the job is done and done right.  100% work ethic takes no talent at all.  

Teamwork:  A group of people that have a common goal and achieve that common goal together.  The "Glue of the Team".

Skilled:  Training and knowledge to perform at a certain level.  Knowing and understanding the work you were hired to do.  The ability to train others. 

Ability:  Skills and knowledge come together and perform a task.

M.O.V.E. = Motivate, Overcome, Value, Education