Thinking About Expanding?

Perhaps your company is going through a major development or expansion. Whatever the reason, you need commercial excavation services. Excavation services involve more than just moving dirt around. In addition, any excavation work must be done quickly, efficiently and safely. You can trust the experts at James A. Rogers Excavating, Inc. licensed and bonded for all your commercial excavation needs.

What does commercial excavation entail?

  • Heavy equipment – in addition to excavators, you may also see bulldozers, backhoes, front end loaders, dump trucks and tractors.
  • Site preparation and planning – before any work is done, commercial excavation involves making sure the soil and land can support your foundation and structure.
  • Earth moving – while this is not all we do, excavation companies typically do move lots of dirt and land and as we say at James A. Rogers Excavation, Inc., “We have been moving the earth since 1962!”